VC Effort & Result Index

V.C. Effort & Result Index draws the Price change, Volume , Delta & Delta % as a histogram. On the positive side of the histogram, it marks the price change & on the negative side of the histogram, it marks volume , delta & delta %. And the best part of the indicator is that it allows you to see all the mentioned data types simultaneously.
See the below chart for a comprehensive understanding.

Before moving further, understand the below analogy first.

Volume & Delta = Fule or Effort
Price Movement = Result

Think of Volume & Delta as FULE or EFFORT and Price Movement as Result.

If the price travels a significant distance with less fule & effort, it indicates that no barriers or inverse forces are stopping the price movement.
On the other hand, if the price is travelling a less distance & consuming comparatively more fule & effort, it indicates some barriers or inverse forces stopping the price movement.

V.C. Effort & Result Index empowers you to read, compare & analyse Volume , Delta & Price effortlessly. It helps to measure the relative price change in different combinations. Such as, you can compare the price change with total volume , delta volume & delta percentage.
See the below relative comparison analysis by using Price Change, Volume Change & Delta Change.

In the above example, you can see that on candle A, there is a very significant price move with a small volume & delta. But on the next candle B, there is a minor price move compared to the previous candle A, but the volume is relatively high & delta is almost the same. In simple words, the same effort was applied to candle B but got fewer results than candle A. It indicates that buyers applied the same effort but failed to get the same results. It reveals that sellers are taking control, leading to a trend reversal.
This comparative analysis method & approach can add an extra edge to your analysis spacially on key levels & breakouts.

V.C Effort & Result Index Settings & Inputs

Price Change:
Allow you to show/hide the price change bars on the positive side of the histogram.
Allow you to show/hide the total volume on the negative side of the histogram.
Allow you to show/hide the delta % on the negative side of the histogram.
Allow you to show/hide the delta on the negative side of the histogram.

Style Settings

The Style section allows you to change the colors & the view format of all data types.

Disclaimer Note:
V.C Box Chart Histogram is not a Buy/Sell signal based indicator or a holy grail trading system. It is purely a leading indicator that can help you to analyse demand & supply and buying & selling forces of the market in a smart & effortless way. Before applying this indicator to your analysis, you should have some basic knowledge about volume , delta, & supply & demand . Some basic understanding of Sir Richerd Wyckoff's Theory can also be helpful.