Frequently Asked Questions

I proudly claim that '' On the Planet Earth; You would not find such a clear, comprehensive & advanced trading method equipped with all leading tools & indicators.'' As Newton Said in his 3rd law: Action & Reaction. ''for every action (force) in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction.'' Similarly, I believe that. ''for every action of Bulls / Bears, there should be an equal reaction towards their direction.'' The ''action'' can be measured by the velocity of Bid/Ask hitters, volume, delta & tape reading. While the ''reaction'' can be measured by the movment of price. This is the central concept I summed up in VC Trading Method & Tools. In this method, we analyze every action & reaction from different angles, perspectives & approaches. VC Trading Method empowers you to see deep inside the market with your nacked eyes. It enables you to analyze the market on a micro-level and shows what is genuinely happening behind the candles. With the help of VC's advanced leading tools, it lets you observe the real-time tug of ware between bulls & bears. Note only; it helps you detect the footprint of smart money. It also prevents you from the immature & early entries, stop-loss hunting & traps of big players and allows you to stay in winning trade longer & close losing trade sooner. After mastering the VC Trading Method & its rules, you will gather unshakeable confidence in your analyses & trades. It not only empowers you by giving you an unbeatable edge over the other players but makes you a disciplined trader with defined entry & exit rules.

Once you purchase a VC Trading Method premium subscription, you will be asked to provide your TradingView user name. (after completing your purchase process) . Within 24 to 48 hours, access will be granted & you will get a confirmation email.

Yes! Regardless of your subscription, whether it's Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly or Lifetime, you will get access to our all premium tools, indicators & signals. You will also get access to the VIP section of our Discord Trading Room, where we provide support, optimization, strategies & whole community experience with lifetime updates to the tools. (Access to Discord Trading room is allowed with quarterly, yearly & lifetime subscriptions) We are constantly adding more tools. That's why you should upgrade to LifeTime!

Yes, Our Discord is free for all. But the VIP section access is only for our premium members. In the Discord Trading Room, you get a whole community experience with like-minded other traders worldwide, where senior traders share their trading ideas, positions, strategies and analysis based on the VC Trading method. In short, it's a community of traders for traders; everything you need to sharpen your sword is in Discord Trading Room.

Yes, if you are new to trading, you can certainly use our all tools with minimal effort & understanding. All our tools are comprehensively explained in videos & in the description section on TradingView. Additionally, we often arrange live interactive workshops, where you may ask any query related to the VC Trading method & tools.

Yes! You may set & customize alerts as well. In fact, VC Imbalance Detector, VC Cumulative Effort & Result Index and VC Imbalance Heatmap are fully optimized for custom alerts & signals. You may set your custom entry & exit conditions based on confirmed signals as well. (Even you may automate your trading by executing trades based on any alert). But before setting alerts & conditions, you should properly understand & customize all indicators. To learn more about how to set alerts, you may get help form our educational videos.

For a limited time, I am Offering One-inclusive membership for just $59/Month. You can save up to 36% when subscribing to a quarterly or yearly membership. Lifetime membership is also available. You may enjoy a lifetime membership price from $849 to $949. We provide world-class 24/7 support via email & within our discord trading room, you will not be left unanswered.

Yes! Works on all Crypto, Forex, Stocks, Futures, Commodities & Indexes.

Yes, no matter whether you are a scalper, intraday, swing trader or long-term trader, VC indicators can be used in any trading style & on any time frame. Because it's a full-fledge trading method, you may develop your own trading strategy after mastering the VC Trading Method.

Not yet! But it's in our pipeline & will be accessible soon only for our VIP Subscribers.

No! when the alert or signal is confirmed, non of our indicators will repaint.

Yes! You can use the VC Trading Method Indicators & Tools on a free TradingView account, but keep in mind, with a free account, you can only set upto one live alert on one instrument & 3 indicators on your chart. For your convenience & to save space, we have developed ''PLUS'' versions of our indicators so that you can apply maximum indicators even with a free version of TradingView. If you want more alerts, upgrade to a pro or premium.

Yes! It's an introductory price only. For example, If you subscribed for a quarterly or yearly membership, and on your next renewal, the new price will be applied (if the price is changed). We will increase the price as we grow & have extra tools added to our website. That's why you should take advantage of the special low price now & subscribe for a lifetime membership.

Yes, we are consistently making videos about our all leading tools & indicators. From the step-by-step videos, you can learn how to use our tools & develop your trading edge. All videos can be found on our YouTube Channel. We are constantly releasing new content & its free. For a more personalized experience & understanding, I personally conduct one-on-one live sessions & workshops. For more details about personal sessions & workshops, you may reach me on telegram Additionally, we have Certified Instructors & Trainers as well to teach VC Trading Method, more details can be found at our about us section.